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Advanced Forklift Licences & Training Courses in Hallam / Dandenong

We conduct training courses & Worksafe licence testing in Hallam for a variety of different licence classes in :

    • Forklift Licence
    • Order Picking Forklift Truck Licence (Stock picker)
    • Elevated Work Platform Licence

forklift training


Two day training courses & testing in  for your forklift Licence here in Hallam – Dandenong, Melbourne
(more suited to the inexperienced / novice, full training in plant operation & written test ).

We also train & assess for competency in classes that do not require the applicant to hold a Worksafe Licence

only assessment to show they are trained & competent to operate the following plant

  • OVERHEAD GANTRY CRANES (unless CABIN controlled from above)
  • REFRESHER COURSES We train and assess at our premises located in Hallam Vic (just next to Dandenong.

We are a Registered Training Organisation  (RTO) with Victorian Registration & Qualification Authority.

We train and test people to gain experience in the safe operation of plant and machinery, from people who have never operated or had previous experience with the plant they are seeking the knowledge and training for, prior to licence testing (examples are forklift operators, order pickers and elevated work platforms), to experienced operators seeking their licence.
So even a novice or beginner is easily capable of learning and follow our courses to be safely in full control of plant with appropriate training before being assessed to gain a Worksafe licence.

We have gained a great amount of knowledge and experience conducting courses, training and testing applicants who wish to gain appropriate Worksafe licences over 9 years operating as trainer/assessor.

Working for other companies as a trainer and assessor, where I have assessed & trained many hundreds of people from a large variety of countries and cultures at all levels of experience & knowledge.

It is only with a great amount of experience, that a trainer gains the skills required to correctly train people for the safe and competent skills to operate plant & machinery in Dandenong, Melbourne, and with those skills a good trainer is able to instruct and teach applicants of all levels in good understanding of both practical operation of machinery, along with a very good understanding of the questions and answers applicants are required to pass in completion of a written exam you are required to complete in assessment for a Worksafe licence.

Forklift Licences & Forklift Training courses

These questions and answers are also rather easily achieved if your trainer explains the exact explanation of each question in a simple and understandable method and with the use of simple terminology, or layman’s terms.

Over the 9 years in Industry of training/assessing courses and 5 years as private  registered training organization (RTO), We have trained and tested licence applicants, it has been a very rewarding role of employment, not only financially, but also the respect and appreciation shown by students who may have never operated that particular plant or machine.

Students, like most of us, may suffer great anguish or a severe case of nerves when about to be trained or tested. But it has been an amazing amount of people over these years, who have shown me that those nerves have quickly eased, or people have gratefully thanked me or left return feedback on my different websites  that they are encouraged to feel comfortable

and more at ease, no matter how little experience they may hold.
A trainer never stops gaining better methods of instruction that are beneficial to the applicant or student.


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forklift training

Advanced Forklift Licences & Training